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A  Garage is a part of a home used to keep vehicles. To clean and maintain it is quite easy. Nowadays garages are quite advanced, fitted with latest technology like gadget doors synced with Smartphones, to ensure complete control and to avoid damage or burglary stealing.

First, clean the garage space by taking out all the items outside and lay them on a blanket, newspaper or bed sheet. Remove the unwanted things, as, it will create more space. Now wash the floor with plenty of water and let it dry. Help the needy by donating these to charity or by recycling them.

Keep the sporting equipments, decorations, lawn gears and other things together at in spot to make them accessible and convenient. The other practical way is to use a few cartons and wooden boxes, well-spaced and tagged.

Make wise use of the garage areas like walls, corners, ceilings. A trash can right next to the parked car will help you throw away items and keep your car clutter-free. Use large buckets, trashcans, wooden boxes, cabinets, and cartons with labels. Things can be kept on the basis of frequent use and convenience. Harmful chemicals, paints, acids or other harmful things can be stored in cabinets with doors to prevent any hazardous accident.  An inventory is very helpful in keeping a track of items, try to list everything and keep the list handy.

Organized Garage

Transparent boxes will provide an overview of the stored things. Foldable stacks or racks can be used. For smaller things you can use bins or stackable jars.

Keeping everything organised is an art form. It may be perfected or may be a trial and error method, so just use your experience, instinct, and innovation and go ahead. Life is short, so organize your garage today!

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